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Of all the counties, Durham is perhaps the most surprising. Its heavily populated cities and towns give way to apparently deserted expanses of moorland, romantic clifftop vistas and wooded ravines and in the midst of this bewildering diversity are objects of great architectural and historical merit. Yet amongst these more well known features are a host of lesser known, more obscure and unusual objects which are waiting to be discovered. Curiosities of County Durham is enthusiastically devoted to identifying these lesser known features. As far as possible its intention is to provide the reader with accurate site references and approximate mileages to the locations, which begin at Durham City and then circulate outwards around the county. This enchanting book features a full range of interesting curiosities; all of which have their own particular charm and significance which should be preserved to interest and delight visitors to the area as well as locals.


Published by Amberley Publishing | Date: 9th October 2009